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Viral fever


Fever is considered to be an elevation in the body temperature (especially in the ear or in the mouth) that is higher than the normal limits. When the disease is caused due to virus, the fever is said to be viral. The homoeopathic treatment of viral fever focuses upon improving the resistance against the disease and not the virus or the bacterium. Therefore, any kind of lab investigations is unnecessary. After the treatment, body temperature is controlled and the immune system is motivated.

Homeopathic Treatment

In homoeopathy, the medicines are selected depending upon how the disease is started and upon the nature of the disease. Excessive thirst, shivering and sweating and associated tantrums are some of the symptoms present. By the selection of an appropriate treatment, the body starts to energize and the fever is quickly healed.

Some of the appropriate medications that can be prescribed include:

  • Gelsemium: This medicine can be prescribed to patients experiencing a partial chill, the fever being caused mainly in warm conditions.
  • Aconite: The remedy is used mainly for a synochal sthenic fever. Hyperaemia congestion may accompany. Inflammatory fever may be followed by frequent chill. Severe headache and a red colored face is also a prominent sign.
  • Rhus toxidendron: It is also called 'rhus-t'. It is associated with catarrhal fever. Primary stage symptoms may be soreness, general weakness, stomach sickness etc. Fever is present with trembling and weariness.
  • Sulphur: In the cases when the fever is followed by dryness, insufficient sweating etc, sulphur may be prescribed. A burning sensation may be there when experiencing fever.


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