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Sore Throat

It is a very common form of viral or bacterial infection. Medically it is referred to as pharyngitis. The phenomenon is commonly found in youngsters. This is because the immunity level in these youngsters has not been developed fully. The cause of this condition can be traced to various viral and bacterial actions. Some of the common bacteria that seriously cause pharyngitis include rhinovirus, adenovirus, streptococcal bacteria etc. Rhinovirus is a common virus that causes common cold. Adenovirus also causes infection in the eye. Streptococcal bacteria cause streptococcal infections.

When there is a viral action on a certain part, inflammation can result. When the inflammation is in the back portion (oropharynx), it is called pharyngitis. When it is in the tonsils, it is called tonsillitis.

pageHomeopathic Treatment

The treatment of this disease encompasses the use of many medicines.

  • Belladonna: 'Bell' is generally prescribed when there is dryness felt in the throat. There may also be a constricted feeling in the throat.
  • Phytolacca: It is administered when there is some pain on swallowing. This may be followed by back pain and limb pain.
  • Kali muriaticum: 'Kali-m' is suggested for follicular pharyngitis. Inflammation and swelling occurs at the tonsils. It can also be taken in for sore throat that results from gastric problems.
  • Guaiacum (Guai): This medicine is considered to be effective for ordinary pharyngitis, on the right side to be specific.
  • Cantharis ('Canth'): It is useful for a highly inflamed throat where a sensation of constriction in the throat is experienced.


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