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As the name suggests, sinus problems are caused due to sinus infections. Any throbbing or a very faint pain in the head may be a sinus headache. Sinus refers to moderately small air chambers in the skull. They are found behind nose, eyes and cheek. They are not closed but they open into the nose. This allows the mucus to be drained properly and facilitates the proper passage of air. However, it is possible for the mucus to get trapped in these spaces. During such conditions, it becomes possible for bacteria to grow in these spaces. This results in a congested feeling and causes pain in the area. The condition is called sinusitis.

The degree of pain due to sinusitis may be more in the morning and may decrease afterwards. The amount of pain felt may also increase after certain actions like bending down etc.

pageHomeopathic Treatment

The amount of success achieved by homoeopathic medicines in curing sinusitis is tremendous. Homoeopathic treatment can effectively decrease the frequency of recurrence. Earlier the consultation, better the results would be. Medications prescribed are as follows:

  • Hepar Sulphur: This is prescribed in the preliminary stages of the disease. This is medically prescribed in cases where even the slightest exposure to cold air produces the disease.
  • Kali Bic: For the conditions such as a thick nasal discharge, the medicine is prescribed.
  • Arsenicum: This is prescribed for a burning and throbbing sensation of sinus.
  • Spinella: When a sharp pain is developed in the sinus, this may be administered.


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