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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

This syndrome is one of the most prominent reasons for female sub-fertility and one among the common endocrine disorders. Statistically, almost 5% to 15% of women in the reproductive age are affected with PCOS. The syndrome is characterized by various disturbances in menstrual cycle such as Amenorrhea, Oligomenorrhea, anovulation etc. The percentage of polycystic ovaries is almost 22% to 33%.

The important symptoms are mentioned below:

  • Hirsutism( hair growth excess).
  • Oily skin accompanying with acne.
  • Infertility due lack of ovulation.
  • Obesity: Excessive fat accumulation is seen in the lower parts of the body.


The signs for PCOS are as follows:

  • Higher testosterone level.
  • Ovary enlargement.
  • Higher levels of insulin.
  • Multiple cyst formation in the ovaries.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homoeopathy helps to minimize the cyst formation and makes the menstruation cycles regular. Through homoeopathic techniques, the main underlying factors behind infertility are treated. The treatment is performed both at emotional and physical levels. The treatment period taken is about 6 months. However, depending upon the degree of improvement shown, it may vary. The 4 step treatment protocol of infertility in welling homoeopathy is understood to produce remarkable results in the cure of PCOS. PCOS treatment also includes medications such as:

  • Nat-Mur: It is mostly administered for young girls. The medicine decreases the inflammation occurring on the skin such as eczema, oily skin etc.
  • Lycopodium: The medication is prescribed under situations like indigestion, prolonged menses, anxiety etc. It is used specifically when the right ovarian side is affected.
  • Lachesis: The medicine is commonly given to increase the circulation of blood into the reproductive organs.
  • Pulsatilla: The medicine is prescribed for patients having very less menstruation. The patient may also show rejection to fatty food items.
  • Sepia: It is a general medicine used to revive the reproductive organs.


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