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They are swollen veins in rectum, particularly in the lower portions. It results in a very painful feeling being felt. This condition results in excessive bulging of veins thus making it difficult to maintain a sedentary position. Among the various causes, strained bowel movements are the prime one. Piles might also result in hemorrhoids. Piles are classified based on the location where the pain is felt. The subcategories are:

  • Internal piles: It occurs mainly outside the rectum, just inside the anus.
  • External piles: It happens outside the anal opening.

They can also be classified into 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree piles according to the intensity of pain experienced.

The symptoms may be BRBPR (Bright Red Blood per Rectum). 1st degree piles have an itchy feeling as the main sensation. During the cases of 2nd degree piles collapse, they immediately return to the anal section without much pain. Constantly prolapsed piles and a discomfort that is the result of any intra-abdominal pressure are the symptoms of 3rd stage piles.

Piles/hemorrhoids are regarded as one of the surgical diseases. However the treatment using homoeopathy can change this general notion.

pageHomeopathic Treatment

Homoeopathy is able to provide immense relief without the need of knives and scissors.

The treatment of piles includes the following medications:

  • Aesculus Hip: This is prescribed specially in situations of abdominal plethora, dry feeling in the rectum etc.
  • Hamamelis: It can be considered as one of the best remedies of piles. It is used in case of an excessive sore feeling.
  • Aloes: Being another useful remedy, it is mainly used when the protrusion is in the form of a bunch. Subsequent and profuse bleeding can result.
  • Collinsonia: It may be used by females also, when the pelvic organs have a congestive tendency.


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