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Liver Diseases

This is also called hepatic disease. Currently, there exist over 100 types of this disease with over 2 million affected. Detailed information about the various types of liver disease is mentioned below:

  • Hepatitis: This is a condition of swelling of liver. The major causes include viral infection or other factors such as excessive alcohol consumption. Some of the very popular allopathic drugs have serious side-effects that even lead to jaundice. This includes Sodium Valproate (Anti Epileptic), Paracetamol and Rifampicin (Anti tuberculor).
  • Alcoholic liver disease: With the excessive consumption of alcohol, the liver gets scarred. This is referred to as cirrhosis. It is a fact that almost 90-100% of drunkards are slaves of this disease.
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: This is the accumulation of fat in the liver. Naturally, this is found more common in obese individuals.
  • Haemochromatosis: This is generally an acquired disease in which excessive zinc in the body gets accumulated in the body parts, usually near to liver.


Homoeopathic Treatment

Treatment of liver is an issue of serious concern since the organ performs more than 500 vital functions. The liver being a silent sufferer does not display any significant symptoms when it is infected. Homoeopathic treatment helps to regain a state of wellness, physically and mentally. The following sections list some of the medications for liver disease treatment:

  • Mercurius: This is regarded as a quick remedy for a torpid liver. Children affected by primary stages of jaundice can take this too.
  • Chelidonium: The symptoms of the liver are very well pronounced. The use of this medicine promotes a more profuse and thinner bile flow. It also aids the removal of gallstones. The combined use of Chelidonium and Bryonia is considered as one of the most successful liver remedies.
  • Myrica cerifera: Myric is used when there are symptoms like a dull headache particularly in the morning, yellowish eyes etc.


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