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The chronic nature of this disorder has resulted in giving an alias name; "silent killer". It is however known medically as arterial hypertension or high blood pressure. As the name suggests, it refers to the condition of high pressure in the arteries. Due to this, the heart is required to do extra work for pumping the blood. Understandably, this leads to more wear and tear in the organ that sustains life. This can therefore result in stroke or heart attack. So widespread is this disorder that almost 1 billion people have this disease. The epidemiology in children is also increasing steeply. It is believed that over 90% of hypertension cases have unknown causes behind them. However, other factors like obesity, age, and bad habits also contribute to this. The underlying symptoms include dizziness, vomiting sensation, palpitation, tremors etc.


Homeopathic Treatment

Hypertension is a completely curable disorder. The strategy of treatment depends on the blood pressure levels. If the blood pressure is only slightly above the normal level (130/80mmHg), one can bring the level back to normalcy by having some lifestyle changes. In case of moderate blood pressure levels (140/90mmHg), one can expect an onset of cardiac disease after 10 years. Both lifestyle changes and medications are required. For a very high blood pressure (180/110mmHg), immediate treatment is required after consultation. One of the very popular allopathic medicines prescribed is ACE inhibitor (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme). Through their use, the blood vessels are relaxed leading to much easier flow of blood. Thus, the blood pressure is significantly reduced. However, there are serious drawbacks for this medicine such as persistent dry cough. However, in the case of homoeopathic treatment, one need not worry about any kind of major side effects. The medicines used for its cure include Aurum Met Aconite, Allium Cepa, Adrenalin, Lachesis, Strophanthus, Belladonna, Nat.Mur, Plumbum Met, Arsenic Alb Gelseium, Ignatia, Glonine, Thuja, Baryta Mur, Veratrum Viride etc.


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