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The word 'Eczema' is a very similar word encountered. This disease refers to a group of tendencies that lead to certain skin patterns, producing specific changes on the skin surface. Originally a Greek word, it means 'to flow out'. The reasons that produce this disease can be exposure to dust mites, pollen, certain fabrics and food items (nuts, milk, oil etc).

Homeopathic Treatment

Although it is a fact that Eczema can be cured, it is also necessary to provide a constitutional and professional prescribing. Among the medications, calendula is the most recommended to sooth a damaged skin. In addition, the following other medicines are also important like Graphites, Arsenicum, Mezerium etc. Arsenicum is prescribed in the case of strong itching sensation whereas graphites are used for curing itchy red pimples. Mezerium is used when the affected part feels cold.


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