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Cancer In Early Stages

Cancer In Early Stages: Cancer can be cured if detected and treated in its preliminary stages. Reliable statistics reveal 80% rate of success, specifically for prostate and breast cancer. Cancer is a disease that is caused due to imbalance of the vital force in the human body. Hence this critical situation can be addressed by nullifying that vital force imbalance. Homoeopathic treatment is therefore the best in this regard.

There are 2 standard approaches in cancer treatment: One is the immediate approach where attributes like insomnia, water accumulation, nausea, pain etc are addressed. This approach provides remedies that are usually less potent. These remedies are used to concentrate on specific systems to detoxify them .The other line of medication focuses on the disease itself. The medications focus on the symptoms shown by the malignant tissues.

Homoeopathic Treatment

Cancer treatment is also provided based on various approaches like split method, plussing method along with the usage of certain specific medicines. The plussing method is mostly recommended in the first and second stages, but it should be kept in mind that the tumor should not be more than 2 weeks.

One of the most prescribed medicines for the treatment of cancer is Arsenicum Album. The medicine is mainly prescribed either to people who are in their primary stages or for those who are in the terminal stage.

Those who are affected with cancer have fear and anxiety accompanying them frequently. Arsenicum Album is an excellent cure for these people since it relieves them from the mental tension. It also improves the immunity and arrests the tumor growth.


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