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It is a childhood disorder that severely handicaps the development process. It either starts with birth or within the first 2.5 years. Several conditions such as impaired social skills, repeated activities, impaired language development etc characterize autism. This is associated with lower C.A.R.S scores. The occurrence of autism has seen a steep hike in the early 90's and figured as high as 60 per 10000. Debates are still going on about this increase. However, it appears to be due to over-vaccination, poor neuro immunity, exposure to heavy metal toxins, genetic traits etc.

Children that are infected with autism are considered to be living in a world of their own. Although their appearance is normal, they are found to indulge in some queer practices. They might seem silent at some point of time when they suddenly show strange tantrums. They might stare for long hours, and show absolutely no interest in other people.


Homeopathic Treatment

A very promising treatment for Autism is provided under homoeopathy. The treatment starts off with a neurology examination to understand the level of cognition that the patient has. Then 3 main aspects are dealt with sequentially. They are abnormal behavior management, education and social service arrangement and finally, family help. There also exist several medications like tarantula hispanica, medorrhinum etc which improves one or more symptoms shown.


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