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An insufficient concentration of hemoglobin in the blood can result in a condition called anemia. In males, the appropriate concentration is approximately 13g/dl, whereas it is almost 11.5g/dl for females. This can be due to increased blood loss, impaired RBC (red blood cells) formation or destruction of excessive RBC. Anemia is of numerous types. The important ones among them are Vitamin B12 anemia, deficiency of folic acid, iron deficiency anemia etc. Their symptoms can be general weakness, fatigue, lethargy, chest pain (in chronic conditions) etc. Anemia can be regarded as the symptoms of major diseases like angina pectoris etc.


Homeopathic Treatment

Treatment involves several remedial measures. The selection of the appropriate measure is based on individualization and similarity in symptoms. As previously mentioned, symptoms are given significance in this holistic system. Iron is a vital component among the important homoeopathic medicines prescribed. It is primarily due to the well established fact that deficiency of iron (Ferrum) causes anemia. However, iron alone cannot be depended upon for anemia cure. The presents of other anemia forms justify this. The following list mentions some of the medications prescribed:

  • Ferrum Acetate
  • Ferrum Phos
  • Arsenic Alb
  • Zincum met
  • Nux Vom
  • Nat mur
  • Calcaria Carb
  • Picric Acid


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