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It refers to an altered activity of the body to foreign substances such as dust, pollen etc. This can result in couple of pathological conditions on subsequent exposure. The reasons for allergy can be genetic, with this trait being skipped to 1, 2 or even 3 generations.


Allergies can be categorized into perennial allergies and seasonal allergies. Perennial allergies are present all throughout the year. Dust mite, pet dander and pollen are the common perennial allergens. Seasonal allergies are associated with a season. Hay fever is an example of a seasonal allergy. It is associated with the spring season, when the pollination starts. Allergies can affect different parts of the body mainly skin, respiratory tract, eye etc.

Homeopathic Treatment

Treatment of allergy is not a simple task. Homoeopaths are of the opinion that there exist a mutual relationship between asthma, dermal problems and allergies. In homoeopathic treatment, it is a better thing not to suppress these symptoms.

Allergy treatment is a multi-step process in homoeopathy. Examination of symptoms is just one of them. These symptoms can be diagnosed from:

  • Situations that aggravate the allergy.
  • Situation that gives a relief from allergy.
  • The natural steps taken by the patient in controlling allergy.
  • Circumstances that have lead to the onset of allergy.

In homoeopathic treatment, diet plays an important role. Raw food diet is useful in dealing with allergies. Also, some food items must also be avoided. In other words, the person's allergic sensitivity is addressed for treating the allergy. Constitutional treatment gives a lasting cure but the treatment may also be time consuming.


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