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Allergic bronchitis

The phenomena of inflammation of upper portion of breathing tubes (bronchus) that lines the mucous membranes are referred to as bronchitis. Viral infections are generally followed by bronchitis. Bronchitis has several symptoms such as dyspnea (breathing difficulty), severe cough, nose congestion, pain in joints etc.

There are mainly 2 categories of bronchitis. They are acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. Any lasting cold accompanied with a severe cough may be a symptom of acute bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis happens when there is a repeated weakness arising due to various lifestyle factors such as rampant beverage use, smoking etc.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homoeopathic remedies often help to overcome this disorder. Some of the remedies are listed below:

  • Pulsatilla: This can be a suitable remedy for bronchitis in which a feeling of heavy chest is experienced. One might also experience dry cough with choking sensation that brings out yellow mucus.
  • Dulcamara: A health problem that is resulted due to climate change can find this as a remedy. A bad cough can also result. Sensitivity towards allergies may also see an increase.
  • Calcarea Carbonica: This remedy is prescribed when there is bronchitis after influenza. Persons also experience difficulty in breathing when walking over elevated surfaces.

These are just a few of the numerous remedies available.


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