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Being the outermost part of body, this organ plays a pivotal role. The foremost function is to protect all the major organs from hazardous environment. It is also important on an aesthetic basis. Hence the relevance of maintaining a healthy skin can be very well understood.

In spite of this, several diseases arise primarily due to its external exposure. Some of them under consideration are:

Acne is an acute inflammatory disorder that is equally observed in both genders. This condition arises when the sebaceous glands secrete an oily substance called sebum excessively. Acme may be due to stress, frequent cosmetic use, puberty etc. The level of treatment administered depends upon the location, cause, sensation and extension shown.


Homeopathic Treatment

There are certain widely used medicines for treatment. They are:

  • Thuja: This medicine is prescribed for acne developed in nose and face, especially due to vaccination.
  • Calcaria Phos: The medicine is prescribed for adolescent girls who are affected with this disease.
  • Psorinum: This medication is suggested for females who are affected with acme that worsens particularly during menses.
  • Bovista: Bovista is taken for worsened acme resulting from cosmetic overuse.


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